Bachelor Superfan May Be Obsessed, But She’s Fit For Fame

Meghan Fitton is a bachelor superfan and fitness instructor who is looking for a change of career. For her American Idol season eighteen audition, the upbeat coach selected “Love Where You’re At” by Alan Stone – a choice that Katy Perry loved from the start. When she started singing, the whole room was entranced.

Each panelist was clearly fixated on an artist whose vocal performance just kept getting better. With each bar, Meghan elevated her song, filling the room with soul. Upon closing, Katy proclaimed quietly, “Alright,” raising an instant objection from an enthralled Luke Bryan. He instantly cried out, “Alright? That was incredible.” Lionel Richie shared his amazement, explaining how he had to double-check that she was actually singing after hearing the beauty.

What a surprise was in waiting for Meghan Fitton. The team certainly plans their praise well, with Katy revealing an unimaginable treat for this The Bachelor superfan. Meghan Fitton did Alan Stone proud with a performance of his hit “Love Where You’re At” that had each of the judges in firm support. With their advice guiding and an outpouring of emotion like that on the cards – she is surely destined for great things.