Powerful Praise Worship Leader Leads the Way in American Idol

Camryn Leigh Smith received the honor of being the first auditionee to perform on season eighteen of American Idol. The young praise and worship leader from Acworth, Georgia was soon to shine, with the performer heralded to look remarkably similar to one of our favorite judges. The sixteen-year-old delivered an awe-inspiring rendition of Jessie J’s “Big White Room” that brought praise from the whole panel.

Every one of her notes presented pure perfection, and a rich sound carrying emotion mimicking the meaning of this deep track perfectly. By the time she reached the chorus, she even had Katy singing along. After a resounding performance, Camryn was compared to a young Katy Perry by Luke Bryan. Katy followed with strong words, saying “Camryn when you dug into that note towards the end it gave me hope.”

The power and emotion delivered by this young star come effortlessly, making Camryn Leigh Smith, a gospel singer who is destined for great things. Her journey was off time a brilliant start, with each of the American Idol panellists being deeply touched and sincerely moved. Jessi J’s “Big White Room” was taken to a place that shows the whole world just how big Camryn’s heart, and voice, truly is.