10-Year-Old Turns Three Chairs In Record Time With A Celine Dion Classic

The Voice Kids has been responsible for the talent discovery of some of the greatest emerging superstars in the world. Giedie Laroco from The Voice Kids Philippines is a prime example of why shows like this are so important. The emotion that she puts into her cover of ‘The Power Of Love’ leaves all astounded.

The sheer level of talent brought to this blind audition by this thirteen-year-old is beyond her years, delivering vocal precision and range that drove two judges to turn at exactly the same time. As if fueling her fervor, Giedie just got better after that nailing the chorus while coaxing the panel to sing along and turning the final chair.

With praise for her vocal strength coming in from all three judges, competition was tough as the coaches vied for her to join their teams. Coach Bamboo and Coach Sarah were astounded by just how much power this little girl had in her lungs while remaining calm throughout the entire performance.

Their pleas were heartfelt, honest, and true, but Giedie decided to go with Coach Lea instead. Giedie Laroco’s rendition coincidentally happens to be the same song picked out by the previous winner of The Voice Kids Philippines, Mitoy Yonting. With Coach Lea finding her voice & performance utterly perfect, she ended up being one team member strong.

This songbird from Dagupan City shows just how effortless pure talent appears when you’ve picked the right song. The Voice Kids Philippines has unveiled many child stars, but few performances are as uplifting, elegant, and pristine in vocal quality as ‘The Power Of Love’ by Giedie Laroco. Her voice rewards all-the-way with a remarkable tribute to the Celine Dion masterpiece.

10-Year-Old Turns Three Chairs In Record Time With A Celine Dion Classic