This Amazing Drumline Proves That Hard Work And Talent Really Pay Off

The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps from Allentown, Pennsylvania have built a reputation for building awesome drumlines that compete regularly at the regional level. But in order to compete, you have to put in hours of practice, in the hot summer sun, marching in unison while playing perfectly in sync. If it sounds impressive, it is.

The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps was formed in 1934 and has been training musicians in collective musical marching ever since. They have built a reputation for excellence on the international level and have even ten-time DCI world champions. To put it mildly, these guys know their drums.

Just getting into the Cadets is a huge deal. And once you are there, you are expected to perform at your best at all times, even when it’s killer hot outside. Watch these guys practice their synchronized drumming over and over, and then see it all pay off at the end of the video with one of their school performances.