Greek Zobra Dance Performed By three Polish Men

The Zobas dance gained popularity in the 1960s, thanks to being in a film called “Zobra The Greek.” The dance is also called Syrtaki. It is a dance where the men stand in a straight line with arms flung out and holding the next person in line by the shoulder,

In the video, three men do the Syrtaki dance, holding each other by the shoulder, and with a slow beat going, they make a few crossing legged moves. The music then speeds up, and the boys speed up their steps with it, still holding on to each other by the shoulders. The music shifts up a beat.

The dancers then start to break up one at a time, with the one that breaks up doing a dance where a pair locks one of their feet with another, and they move in a circle. They then start a new twist in the dance. They continue the same moves, but they tap their shoes with their hands with every movement. The audience cheers, and the dance ends.