Man Plays Gospel On Sax, Attracts Passers-By

Daniele Vitale, an Italian artist, dressed in a red floral jacket, red top hat, and black trousers, stands by a riverside and plays the popular gospel song “Hallelujah” on his saxophone. His music is so soothing that it attracts many passers-by, who decide to stop their Christmas shopping and listen to the soothing music.

The people on the streets gather to listen to him playing and make videos of him performing. His soft tune draws more people, who stop to take a moment and calm their souls. The music is played out very gently and has a very calming effect, maybe because of the saxophone, or it may be the song itself.

Daniele’s profile can be found on Facebook as well as YouTube. He often plays for wedding parties and international events. He can often be seen singing on the streets of Napoli (Italy), drawing in crowds to the sound of his saxophone. Sometimes people will come up and start dancing to his tunes too.