Be amazed by Mariah Carey and Miguel’s showstopping partnership in “#Beautiful”

The video below is a time capsule, transporting us back to a sun-kissed summer day in 2013. The year saw the release of “The Great Gatsby” film adaptation and the crowning of Miss America’s first Indian-American winner. The video’s upbeat energy reminds us that there was much to celebrate.

In “Beautiful,” Mariah Carey and Miguel take us on a joyful ride through the streets of New York City. The song’s laid-back melody and catchy lyrics make it an instant classic, invoking feelings of Americana and nostalgia. The video’s color scheme of red, white, and blue furthers this sense of national pride, and the setting of New York City serves as the perfect backdrop for the duo’s musical romance.

As we watch Mariah and Miguel flirt their way through the city, we can’t help but feel uplifted by the easy, breezy vibe of the song. Mariah’s legendary vocal range is on full display here, with her signature high notes punctuating the chorus in just the right places. Meanwhile, Miguel’s smooth voice complements hers perfectly, adding a layer of richness to the track.

“Beautiful” is a testament to the enduring power of good music. Despite being almost a decade old, it still sounds fresh and exciting today. The song’s success is largely due to its universal themes of love and happiness, which are as relevant now as they were in 2013.

But perhaps what makes “Beautiful” even more special is that it marked a turning point in Mariah Carey’s career. After a few years of relative silence, the song signaled her triumphant return to the top of the charts. Its success paved the way for her to release more new music, and she has made waves in the industry ever since.

Interestingly, most fans might not know that “Beautiful” was inspired by a conversation between Mariah and Miguel about their mutual love of vintage soul and R&B music. The song’s throwback vibe is a deliberate nod to the classics that influenced both artists, and it’s clear that their shared passion for these genres makes the track so infectious.

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Be amazed by Mariah Carey and Miguel\'s showstopping partnership in \