Belinda Carlisle sings ‘Circle in the Sand’ on ‘Carson’ in 1988

In 1988, ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’ welcomed singer Belinda Carlisle. The former ‘Go-Go’s’ lead singer was launching her solo career with the help of Johnny’s spotlight.

Johnny introduces her, and the band begins playing her hit song ‘Circle in the Sand.’ There are drums, guitarists, a bassist, a keyboard player, and background singers who join Belinda in the song’s chorus.

The medium-speed song contains lyrics about love that Belinda delivers with pure emotion. She sings, “Circle in the sand, round, and round. Never-ending love is what we’ve found. And you complete the heart of me. Our love is all we need.”

After the performance, Belinda sits down with Johnny, who compliments her hair and how red it is. Belinda says she dyed her hair all the colors, including green.

She said her Mom didn’t like the green hair too much. Belinda changed to red because her Mom is a redhead. Johnny asked if it made her feel a different way with new hair, and she said, “If it’s green, I do.”

Johnny asks how you choose clothing colors with green hair, and Belinda says she only wears green. She said she wore green during Christmas, so it was easy to dress festively.

Johnny says you can never get a job with green hair, though, and Belinda says she worked at the Hilton hotel as a secretary, but she would wear turbans or scarves to work, so they never saw the colors. Then one day, her boss walked by her while she was out to lunch, and she was fired. It is a great 80s performance and follow-up interview by Johnny.

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Belinda Carlisle sings ‘Circle in the Sand’ on ‘Carson’ in 1988