Experience Nirvana’s raw emotion with “On A Plain” from the 1993 Unplugged show

It was a crisp autumn evening in 1993 when the unmistakable scent of change wafted through the air. The world teetered on the cusp of a new era, as the internet promised to connect people in ways previously unimagined. Music, too, underwent a transformation, with bands emerging from the underground to redefine the mainstream. The spirit of rebellion and innovation hung heavy, and those lucky enough to bear witness to one unforgettable performance could feel the electricity in their bones. This was the night that Nirvana took the stage at the Sony Music Studios in New York City for their MTV Unplugged performance.

The intimate setting, adorned with candles and an array of exotic flowers, created an ethereal atmosphere that set the stage for a legendary performance. The band, known for their raw and explosive sound, dared to venture into uncharted territory, embracing acoustic guitars and unexpected covers.

At the heart of the performance was the powerful rendition of “On A Plain.” From the opening chords, it was evident that the audience was about to experience something special. The video, which we’ll explore in detail below, captures the pure magic of this moment.

Kurt Cobain, the enigmatic frontman, commanded the stage with an intensity that belied his fragile frame. His voice soared, simultaneously vulnerable and defiant, as he sang the confessional lyrics. The stripped-down arrangement only served to amplify the emotional potency of the song, turning a rock anthem into a haunting ballad that resonated deep within the souls of those present.

The rest of the band was equally mesmerizing. Krist Novoselic’s bass rumbled with warmth and depth, while Dave Grohl’s drumming, usually a thunderous force, was dialed back, showcasing his versatility as a musician. The addition of cellist Lori Goldston and guitarist Pat Smear enriched the sound further, imbuing the performance with a unique, almost orchestral quality.

“On A Plain” was already a beloved track from Nirvana’s seminal album, “Nevermind,” but this performance elevated it to new heights. The song, inspired by Cobain’s experiences with writer’s block, takes on a new meaning when performed acoustically. It becomes a meditation on the creative process, a cry for understanding from an artist grappling with the weight of his own genius.

Even the most ardent Nirvana fans may be surprised to learn that the band had not originally planned to perform “On A Plain” during their Unplugged set. According to producer Alex Coletti, it was a last-minute addition, suggested by Cobain himself. The spontaneous decision to include the song speaks to the band’s willingness to take risks, a quality that defined their meteoric rise to fame.

Another fascinating tidbit is that Cobain’s guitar, a 1959 Martin D-18E, was not his original choice for the performance. He initially wanted to use a Buck Owens American acoustic guitar but found that it wouldn’t stay in tune with the additional strings he had added. The Martin, which he purchased just weeks before the show, went on to become one of the most iconic instruments in music history.

The impact of Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance, and particularly their rendition of “On A Plain,” can still be felt today. The video stands as a testament to the raw power of music and the unparalleled talent of a band that was, and remains, an undeniable force in the world of rock.

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