She Doesn’t Look Like Justin Bieber, He Looks Like Her

Doppelgangers lurk among us. Have you ever considered having an identical physical replica of yourself living somewhere else in the world, utterly unbeknown to you? Well, when you’re famous, you sometimes discover these people by chance. Just look at the following five Justin Bieber lookalikes. The similarity is uncanny, but so is each of these star’s ability to perform like a legend.

Our selection of remarkable look-a-likes features performers from The Voice, Got Talent, X-Factor, and Idol. As you can imagine, the striking likeness strikes up a conversation bringing the prominent personalities of these emerging stars into the limelight. From a young man who sings so beautifully that he makes Ronan Keating cry to a child star who sounds just like Bieber, these auditions are amazing.

Carrying a likeness to a pop culture icon comes with its ups and downs, but these stars each shined in their moment. Each of the five talented Justin Bieber lookalikes will amaze you with their individuality and uniqueness, even though the starting attention comes from their ability to portray Bieber. They’ve already impressed judges like Britney Spears and Simon Cowell – now it’s your turn.