Folk duo remembers wonderful ‘Warm Morning Stove’

Remember the warmth and simple pleasures of growing up on the farm in this charming performance of the folk classic ‘Warm Morning Stove.’

Folk duo The Moron Brothers remembers the wonderful simple days of life in the farmhouse with a garden in the yard and a hot wood stove in the middle of the house.

With their song ‘Warm Morning Stove,’ they bring these beautiful and nostalgic memories flooding back, singing about cooking beans and heating the water.

There were simple pleasures in those days, and the Moron Brothers capture them perfectly, remembering what it was like to go to bed under handmade quilts.

But the centerpiece to every home in those days was the wood stove, and it served as the heat source, the place where meals were cooked, and a gathering place for the family.

With exceptional performances on both the banjo and acoustic guitar, the Moron Brothers deliver a memorable song about the simple pleasures of life growing up.

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Folk duo remembers wonderful ‘Warm Morning Stove’