Dream becomes reality for Celtic dancer

Performing with grace and style, this new generation of Irish dancers blows everyone away with their rendition of “Celtic Dream”.

Ushering in a new generation of incredible talent is Michael Flatley’s new interpretation of his epic “Lord of the Dance”, with rising mega-star Erin-Kate Mcilravey playing the main character, Saoirse.

All seems calm as we see the colorful Little Spirit character “wind-up” the musical dolls played by 2 female dancers. Unleashed, they are joined by a troupe of female dancers in sprite-like outfits.

It’s not long before Erin-Kate (Saoirse) skips her way onto the stage, encircled by the colorful fairies. Her beaming smile really lights up the stage!

Dressed all in white and – for the first time! – wearing trousers, rather than the traditional dress, Erin clearly is delighted to be fulfilling her childhood dream of playing Saoirse.

Her performance is truly magical, delivering a solo dance that, accompanied by the Celtic pipe music, gives a wonderful, ethereal atmosphere to the proceedings.

As the performance draws to a close, Erin-Kate is joined by the rest of the dancers who create a technicolor delight on stage. This performance really transports you far away to somewhere magical.

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Dream becomes reality for Celtic dancer