Statler Brothers sing homage to 1950s

The Statler Brothers remember the pop icons and fashion apparel of the 1950s in their nostalgic song ‘Do You Remember These.’

The Statler Brothers created an impressive homage to the wonderful 1950s with their hit song, ‘Do You Remember These.’ The lyrics form a list of the most important moments of the decade.

From the Sadie Hawkins dance to the senior prom, James Dean and Coca-Cola to Cracker Jack and penny loafers, all the best of the decade are lovingly remembered.

It is a nostalgic look at the great days gone by, with attention given to both the stars of the day and the small moments that made growing up so wonderful.

Listeners who grew up in the 1950s will have a great time reminiscing about all the different sights and sounds of the decade.

New listeners will enjoy learning more about a significant and beautiful decade in American history and may be inspired to learn more about the cultural icons of the day.

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Statler Brothers sing homage to 1950s