Country songstress Raleigh Keegan touches hearts with ‘Handyman’

In Raleigh Keegan’s song ‘Handyman,’ the country music newcomer performs with touching lyrics and a soothing acoustic arrangement.

Raleigh Keegan sings of fixing leaking faucets and mending broken hearts in his new country song, ‘Handyman.’ It is a song that will soon become a favorite for his ardent supporters.

With touching lyrics and an elegant instrumental backing of a guitar and a piano, Keegan creates a soft and simple melody that will appeal to listeners.

His vocal range is on full display in this arrangement, allowing him the freedom to express his lyrics with clarity and emotion.

Fans will be most excited to know that ‘Handyman’ is a love song at heart, describing his desire to help his beloved – and possibly help himself in the process.

It is a sweet and beautiful song from a gifted new artist, and Raleigh Keegan will certainly see his fanbase grow after the release of this record.

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Country songstress Raleigh Keegan touches hearts with ‘Handyman’