Small towns get the spotlight from American Idol star

In his popular song ‘Tiny Towns,’ Laine Hardy describes everything that makes a small town so special.

For American Idol winner and current country singer Laine Hardy loves his hometown, and in the acoustic version of his hit ‘Tiny Towns,’ he explores all the reasons why.

As he sits on the top of a wood fence with only his voice and his guitar, Hardy looks back on all the wonderful memories that keep him connected to his tiny town.

Describing high school football games, cruising down Main Street on a Friday night, or heading to the town church on Sundays, Hardy touches on the key moments in small-town life.

In doing so, he comes to describe not only his experience growing up in a tiny town but the universal experience of so many of his listeners and fans.

There are countless small towns in America, and many of them have the same wonderful features that Hardy describes. For people living in small towns, this is their song.

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Small towns get the spotlight from American Idol star