“Spanish Eyes” Ice-Skating Performance By Pair Steals Hearts

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have been figure skating seven years old and 9 years old, respectively. They have won several medals, as well as five from the Olympics. They chose to perform to the song “Spanish Eyes,” composed by Bert Kaempfert. It is a romantic song, and they skated to it with grace.

Tessa and Scott take up the characters of two people in love. The two skaters portray their love story with precision as they glide across the ice. Their movements, the way they look at each other, completes the romantic song beautifully, and two are enough to mesmerize anyone.

The two skaters are not dating, nor are they in any relationship except for their dance, but both of them have fantastic chemistry together. Their secret perhaps is their dedication to their careers and the fact that they have worked together for more than twenty years, which makes them a pleasure to watch.