Sesame Street’s guest, Andrea Bocelli, sings a beautiful lullaby

Little Elmo wants another bedtime story, but Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has something entirely different in mind.

Convincing little red furry monster Elmo it is time for bed is not an easy job. Luckily Sesame Street employed the ever so charming Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli to do their bidding.

And while you can hear the familiar introduction to Andrea Bocelli’s hit song ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, a song he had together with singer Sarah Brightman, you wouldn’t expect the cuteness that follows.

Little Elmo in his protest takes the lead and sings: “Elmo isn’t sleepy,…” Wouldn’t it be lovely if the children would contest the time for bed in such a heart-melting way?

Fortunately, Andrea Bocelli’s velvety voice stands, while he sings: “Time to Say Goodnight,” and convinces Elmo, he had a great day, enjoying the time with his friends, and counting to twenty.

The time has come to say goodnight on a hair-raising high note, we all expect from the song, that has by now turned into a lullaby. Just a smidge too loud by Elmo’s opinion, while Andrea reassures him: “sleep, sleep, sleep.”

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