The perfect song for mother-son wedding dance

For mothers looking for the perfect song to play for their adoring sons, this hit offers uplifting lyrics and a gentle sound.

Anthony Carter has written a heartwarming song for mothers and sons, titled simply, ‘A Mother’s Song.’

Featuring touching lyrics and a sentimental guitar accompaniment, this is a song that will surely find its way onto wedding reception dance floors.

The lyrics themselves will bring a tear to the eye of mothers – and possibly a few sons, too. It is a story told from the perspective of the mother.

Spanning years of a child’s life and filled with numerous examples of sage motherly advice, ‘A Mother’s Song’ plays like a long, beautiful poem.

Listeners will be touched, and anyone going to a wedding soon will likely hear this song again when the groom and his mother take the dance floor.

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The perfect song for mother-son wedding dance