Little Mix Hit Recreated By Little Girl Wins Her Global Respect & One Chair

Everyone needs a little extra sunshine in their day, and how better to brighten the mood than with an overdose of cuteness? We’ve put together ten of the cutest auditions ever to feature on The Voice Kids. Not all made it through, but no matter how each of these little ones sing, the whole-package is something especially heartwarming worth remembering.

Get ready to smile because these kids sure know how to entertain. Add to this the cute factor, and you’ve got ten performances that are fun from beginning to end. Some kids take the wow factor to an all-new level. Just listen to Priscilla singing the catchy Little Mix hit ‘Wings’ – cuteness combines with an otherworldly talent for a song so good that you’ll have to listen to it twice.

This collection of super cute child stars includes a range of talent spanning all music genres. From 90s love songs like Shanice’s ‘I Love Your Smile’ with swag like you can’t imagine from a young man that young, to far more lighthearted but also also higher paced auditions such as the Irish folk from Caillin Joe, these ten acts are definitely the cutest ever seen on The Voice Kids.