Air Walking Upside Down Is Just One Move That Won the Golden Buzzer

Mumbai dance sensation V.Unbeatable may be precisely that – unbeatable and the world’s best dance crew. Here they return to the grandest stage of them all to once again show the world that hard work, teamwork, and a spirit of community truly pay off. This is a Golden Buzzer moment from America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Even though V.Unbeatable were heralded as champions by the people of India thanks to AGT, they still felt like they let their fans down. It took nothing but a few moments for them to shatter that misconception with one of the most electrifying acts in history. The heights reached are higher, the spins faster, the moves harder, and every last bit of this death-defying act demands attention.

Choreography in perfect sync.? Incredible. Air-walking upside down through a full flip? That’s crazy. V.Unbeatable are like no other dance crew, filling the stage with energy that carries them higher and higher literally and as inspirational stars to the world. America’s Got Talent: The Champions had no other choice, with Howie compelled to strike the Golden Buzzer sharing the emotion of all.