Wait Till You See That Granny Flip – Best Performances of The Decade

Any show that starts off with two of the most talented artists ever seen, Alex Sierra and exhibiting true love shared only by soulmates, has to be something that inspires, motivates, and encourages on many levels. That’s exactly what’s waiting in this collection of the ten best auditions and performances of the decade from across all your favorite shows. That’s right. It’s a wrap-up of Got Talent, The X Factor, and Idol.

The journey only begins with song – wait until you see that granny do the salsa. It’s almost unimaginable to think that a dancer her age can pull off the flips, spins, and spine-bending maneuvers seventy-nine-year-old Paddy of Paddy and Nico pull off. Fast-forward ahead, and there’s heartwrenching beauty, all-girl power from the Philippines, and one of the most compelling performances of the Destiny’s Child hit ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ ever seen.

There’s no denying the star power behind this selection of the best ten acts of the decade. Got Talent X Factor and Idol all wrapped up, ready to be enjoyed again as the timeless hits that they are. There’s really something for everyone – look at the BGT: The Champions act put forth by trainer Alexa Lauenburger. You’ll be a fan of the art in no time, and this is just a part of what’s waiting.

Wait Till You See That Granny Flip - Best Performances of The Decade