He Is So Bad That He’s Hilarious But You Somehow Want To See More

Here’s a ‘Try Not To Laugh Challenge’ that has everything. All the best moments from America’s Got Talent in one place, ready to shock, amaze, and inspire. Have you ever seen a Walrus fall on its head? How about someone whose wit is so dry that it’ll cause a smile to crack no matter how stiff-faced you maybe? Just wait and see! It’s the funniest AGT has to offer.

From Jackie Fabulous from the Bronx and her bubbly personality with wisecracks that just make too much sense, to the self-proclaimed ‘Cripple Threat’ Ryan Niemiller firing jokes that you shouldn’t be laughing at – it’s almost impossible to prevent yourself from screaming with laughing after watching this compilation. Just wait until

Sethward, the caterpillar, returns as Sethward the giraffe, only later to be seen Sethward the Walrus. Knowing him all too well, the judges leave the comedian to carry on in a sight that’s too ridiculous for words. This one act alone will either have you in stitches from its stupidity or from the sheer impact that he endures from each fall. It doesn’t matter who you are, – there’s no way you’re not laughing..