See Why Seal & Boy George Both Had to Have This Contestant

Lucy Sugerman is an emerging star with talent that far outreaches her age. Arriving with a voice that sounds sent from another place, Lucy sings the David Bowie song ‘Space Oddity’ with haunting beauty that has to be heard. The little girl standing on the stage with a guitar was hiding big, big talent.

In her blind audition, the first to turn was no one other than Seal, with Boy George turning just a few seconds behind. The further she got into her song, the richer her sound grew as if entranced by the emotion in her own voice. The feeling could be felt in every word, leading to Kelly turning as well. One thing was clear – she was set up for a journey as a clear favorite.

Fifteen-year-old Lucy Sugerman’s passion for music sure paid off, as she delivered an unforgettable blind audition followed by a successful journey through The Voice Australia. All of her best moments are here, detailing the finalist’s passage and progression of powerful performances in the sixth series of everyone’s favorite talent show.