‘Footloose’ warehouse dance scene sums up the 80s in 3 minutes

Teenager’s emotions show in their faces, but Kevin’s character is “Footloose” who uses his entire body to express his anger.

A teenager is angry at his teachers, friends, and the girl he likes. He goes to an abandoned warehouse, trying to deal with his emotions.

He puts a cassette in the car’s tape deck and remembers all the things that he is angry about from his bad day at school.

When he gets out of the car, he slams the door, smokes a cigarette, and drinks a beer leaning on the roof of his car.

He begins to dance to “Never” by Moving Pictures. He hits the walls, jumps, swings from a rope, and seethes with anger until he’s exhausted.

The outdoor shot is even more dramatic than the inside dance scene. He swings like Tarzan on a rope and does an impressive tumbling run.

Footloose Final Dance