Terry Crews Keeps His Promise and Runs On-Stage For Heavy-Lifting

No matter how good your day may already be going, it can always grow brighter and better. These acts from America’s Got Talent are exactly what you need to inspire cheer and conjure up motivation. Golden buzzer moments? Check. Inspiring journeys? Check. God given talent? Clear in each and every single audition. Don’t miss these performances.

From the very first touching tale, your heart is hooked. Joseph Allen’s story alone seems written in the stars, with the twenty-one year old arriving with confidence but innocence that guaranteed him far more than likeability alone, instead rewarded with one of the best voices heard. Yet, this is just the beginning of our collection of moments.

Dreams come true on the stage of America’s Got Talent, and there is no greater showing of just how many lives have been deeply touched than this selection of unforgettable moments. These stars shine before they even start to song, inspiring with every essence of their being while at the same time showing the world why their names and voices need to be known.