You’ll Be Inspired By The Uplifting Original From BGT’s D-Day Juniors

The D-Day Juniors are following in the footsteps of The D-Day Darlings and auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent in honor of the 75th anniversary weekend of VE Day (Victory In Europe Day.)

This inspiring performance by the D-Day Juniors carries a powerful, moving message. Commemorating the end of the Second World War in Europe, the youngsters present an original song entitled “Pass It On” for their BGT audition.

The wartime classics sung by their older counterparts inspired this choir made up of twenty members ranging between the ages of six and sixteen. The Midland singers certainly made their country and parents proud.

Their original song is about sending a message of remembrance in honor of those who fought in World War II. Making sure that no one forgets the happy day that the war was over, these juniors are setting a fantastic example.

You\'ll Be Inspired By The Uplifting Original From BGT\'s D-Day Juniors