“Rock And Roll” Is Forever But Gary Glitter Is Gone With The Seventies

English glam rocker Gary Glitter is no stranger to controversy, but when one looks at his career, one unforgettable hit arises. “Rock and Roll”, in two parts, was a brilliant song and a hit that’ll last forever.

“Rock and Roll” was Garry Glitter’s only hit to make it on the US top ten with part one carrying the vocals, and part two mainly instrumentals. You’ll instantly recognize the tune from its countless appearances during sports games if you’re not rocking out from its release in ’71.

Film and television have turned to this song countless times due to its sporting connotations. The second part features more than the first, but Garry Glitter would turn both songs into a single electrifying stage performance.

You may recognize “Rock and Roll” from “Happy Gilmore,” “Small Soldiers,” or “D2: The Mighty Ducks.” More recently, the seventies rock song was also used in the 2019 feature film “Joker.”