Inspiring Romance Since ‘84 But Have You Seen George Michael’s Video?

One of the most romantic songs to arise out of the eighties has to be George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” The pop ballad and its iconic saxophone riff will forever be a sound marking love and everything about it.

Wham! won over all-new listeners when “Careless Whisper” arrived in 1984 on the album “Make It Big.” George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s song underwent extensive work before he was happy with the timeless saxophone riff that we all love today.

A single tiny nuance regarding the sound of his sax could have made all the difference. After all, “Careless Whisper” went on to sell over 6 million copies charting as a massive commercial success both locally and in the United States.

The music video also underwent extensive editing before it reached the shots that we see in this unforgettable original version. With every part of his hit carefully pieced together, George Michael had truly created an everlasting sensation.