Dance Doesn’t Get Better Than New Order’s ’80s Hit “Blue Monday”

This 12″ dance classic from New Order dropped a jamming beat and addictive melody that’s just as catchy to this day. It’s a track whose sound sounds remarkably similar to a range of dance hits that you know, but there’s only one 1988 “Blue Monday.”

You get to hear the full, instrumental mix of the 12″ version of New Order’s “Blue Monday” from 1988. This alternative dance hit holds a synth-pop sound that you’ll fall in love with if you haven’t already been captivated by its funky sound.

The acclaimed hit has been covered by countless bands, drawing on its hi-NRG feeling and slamming beat. It managed to bridge seventies disco music with the rise of house music in the eighties, proudly showcasing the essence of clubbing in the ’80s.

With this hit, New Order firmly established themselves as alternative dance legends. It’s re-entered the charts countless times while inspiring dance hits all around the world and across history.

Dance Doesn\'t Get Better Than New Order\'s \'80s Hit \