We All Love “With or Without You” But Have You Seen U2’s ’80s Video?

The release of “With or Without You” set U2 apart as rock and roll legends who will forever be remembered as some of the most influential forces in pop-rock history.

Irish rockers U2 captured the attention of the world with their 1987 smash hit “With or Without You,” with the track eventually becoming their most successful single, and it’s just as addictive to listen to today.

It is without a doubt U2’s best-known song, carrying with it poetic lyrics and dreamy vocals backed by powerful guitar performances. The transition itself is an arrangement filled with energy, setting the song apart from other rock and roll.

With a meaning that’s open to interpretation reflecting both spiritual intent and the love of marital romance, “With or Without You” didn’t take long to establish itself as their signature song.

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