1970’s Tiny Tim & Miss Vicki Sing Vintage Hits From the 50s

With their time capsule of melodies, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki whisk us back to an unforgettable night on The Ed Sullivan Show on January 11, 1970. True to his affection for older music, Tiny woos the audience with a medley of songs he treasures.

The official social media page of The Ed Sullivan Show recently launched this mesmerizing video clip of Tiny Tim & Miss Vicki’s synchronized performance into the digital world. They kick-start their musical voyage with “Sweet and Lovely,” a sensation that topped the charts in 1931.

Tiny reserves a special place in his heart for this song, as Bing Crosby and Russ Columbo, two of his favorite singers, originally recorded it. Their rendition pays a heartfelt homage, echoing the charm that made the song a huge success.

Next in line is “Honeymoon Hotel,” a tune that first echoed in the lively 1933 musical “Footlight Parade,” featuring famous faces like James Cagney, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, and Joan Blondell. Their performance resurrects the romantic essence of the song, whisking the audience back to the dazzling world of old Hollywood.

Without skipping a beat, they inject vigor into “You’ll Never Know.” Alice Faye introduced this precious song in the 1943 film “Hello, Frisco, Hello,” which later bagged the Academy Award for best song. Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki put on a show, highlighting the ageless appeal of this classic, which many artists had interpreted over the decades.

Journeying into the 1950s, the dynamic duo raises a toast to “Because of You,” the song that marked Tony Bennett’s big break. The melody also gained popularity with Jan Peerce. Their version fittingly tributes to the era, encapsulating the heartwarming charm that initially catapulted the song into fame.

Adding a contemporary flair to their classic medley, they plunge into “Happy Together.” This song, the biggest hit for the Turtles, was more contemporary then. Their rendition is as joyous as the original, reflecting the feel-good vibes that once pushed it to the top of the charts.

Their performance reaches its pinnacle with the “Wedding March,” stirring up warm nostalgia. Notably, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki tied the knot just a month before appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show. They celebrated their union live on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and the inclusion of this wedding classic is a beautiful acknowledgment of their recent vows.

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1970\'s Tiny Tim & Miss Vicki Sing Vintage Hits From the 50s