Jerry Lee Lewis Gets Given A Run for His Money By Soulful Child Star

Get ready to go on a musical journey that takes you through time, sweeping one through hits from the ’70s and movies like ‘Grease’ delivered by the most unlikely little superstars. This selection features the most extraordinary performers ever to feature on The Voice Kids. It’s hard to believe that it’s really children producing those amazingly powerful vocals.

From the moment that you hear Courtney’s soul-filled rendition of the ’73 hit ‘Nutbush City Limits’ originally by Ike & Tina Turner, you know that you’re in for something special. All of these auditions maintain the same star quality crossing straight over to an electrifying piano backed performance of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ from The Voice Kids Germany that brought the audience to feet. The awe-inspiring talent just doesn’t stop.

The Voice Kids has presented some of the most breathtaking voices ever heard from child singers. This compilation of extraordinary performers brings you talent from all around the world. These kids take on a massive challenge with song choices, including hits from legends like Queen and George Jones, but every time you’re left impressed beyond expectations.