This all-female salsa band is on fire

When you visit Cuba, don’t forget to try the music. Not that you’ll be able to avoid it. Music is everywhere, like this live salsa performance.

There’s a little island in the Caribbean where music is omnipresent. It’s coming from homes, from religious events, from bars.

The kinds of music in Cuba are another matter entirely. It has been described as a tree, with primary roots feeding many branches, each region of the island with its own rhythm.

Musicians in Cuba don’t just play music. They party right along with the people dancing to what they play. If the music is Cuban, it’s in turbo mode.

You can feel some of that energy in these ladies even though they’re sitting down. They can’t hold still. The life of the tune makes them move.

It’s hard to not catch some of that creative enthusiasm. If you watch this video, you might walk away looking up salsa lessons.


This all-female salsa band is on fire