Worship Singer Lends Her Beautiful Gift Of Singing For This Heavenly Medley

Lauyn Evans is no stranger to singing some of the most recognized Christian songs of all time. But her beautiful medley of ‘Because He Lives’ and ‘My Redeemer Lives’ will leave you speechless.

At a young age, Lauryn Evans fell in love with music. When she was 15 years old, she taught herself how to play the guitar.

A former member of the Christian group 1 Girl Band, Evans went solo and has gone on to let her beautiful singing voice shine. This medley of ‘Because He Lives’ and ‘My Redeemer Lives’ is further proof of her awesome talent.

She has a God-given gift that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. If you are going through a rough time or want to stay in touch with your belief in God, this medley is worth listening to.

Prepared to be left speechless. And if you have some tissues nearby, you might want to grab them while you can.