Country Music Fans Can’t Get Enough of Blake Shelton’s Enchanting “I’ll Name The Dogs” Music Video

Blake Shelton is a country Superstar who’s known for making one incredible song after another. His music video for “I’ll Name The Dogs” is causing his fans to fall in love with country music all over again.

Every verse in this charming tune is what every country girl dreams of when she thinks of her future husband. The music video revolves around a breathtaking wedding and all of the joys that go into getting married.

The lyrics to “I’ll Name The Dog” have us think about the smaller details that come with marriage. Everything from where you end up parking your car at your first home together, to who names the dogs, the words bring a light to the little things.

Blake Shelton looks terrific in the video and can’t help but sing with a giant smile across his face. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to assume Shelton took from personal experience to write this love song.

Country Music Fans Can\'t Get Enough of Blake Shelton\'s Enchanting \