Unbelievably Talented Dancers Perform A Complex ‘World Of Dance’ Routine And Leave The Audience Shocked

A large white sheet sits in the center stage while ominous music plays. There is a massive ‘World of Dance’ sign hanging in the background. Suddenly, there is a squealing sound that sounds like it came from a door. The male performer rips the sheet off, revealing a life-size female puppet!

The still figurine sits hunched and bent almost unnaturally. She appears to be made of wood and even has the signature joint marks at the elbows and knees as a puppet would. The male performer wears a tux and appears to be the “Puppet Master.” A black one-piece outfit covers the wooden puppet’s body!

The puppeteer flails his arms and hands around, eliciting precise movements from the other performer. Not only is she a phenomenal dancer, but she does a convincing job of moving like a puppet! She is in tune with the puppeteer’s gestures, and their routine is both suspenseful and flawless.

Suddenly, the puppet stops following the orders of the master and pushes him back! He ends up standing on the spinning music box piece that the female performer was hunched on at the beginning. She controls the strings now and does a fantastic job of looking like an evil puppet come to life.