The Golden Buzzer Moments of 2020 Will Have Tears Streaming Down Your Face From Start To Finish

The Golden Buzzer moments are more than just someone making it straight to the live shows. When the golden confetti falls from the sky, someone’s lifelong dream is given wings and takes off soaring. This year’s Golden Buzzer moments included a choir, two solo singers, a dance group, and a spoken word artist. All the acts are different, but the drive, passion, and stories that speak to us are the same.

Voices Of Our City Choir is a choir made of people who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness. They have such a noble cause, and Heidi says she can feel the togetherness. Simon remarks that there is strength in numbers. Terry comes from behind the stage with a sense of urgency and tells the group that their performance “moved me to this point right now,” as he hits the Golden Buzzer. The next act is one of the solo singers, a talented 10-year-old who “gets talent from dad.”

She is so happy to be fulfilling her dream to be on ‘AGT.’ She mentions that she is bullied at school, and Sofia says, “let’s see who is going to bully you after this,” hitting the Golden Buzzer. Christina, the other vocalist, is a single mom who has come to change her life. She was living in her car before her son was born. After finishing her first song, Simon asks Christina to sing her second song. Heid asks, “if she is ready for this right now,” and hits the Golden Buzzer.

WAFFLE is a group of men from NYC who have known each other for over ten years. They turned to dance as a way to avoid violence. One of the dancers says, “you create what your mind lets you create. No dream is too big.” Simon sends them through to the live shows. Lastly, it is an act they haven’t seen before, a spoken word artist. Brandon is a poet who tells the heartwrenching tale of losing his sister. Howie says, “I feel your pain, I feel your love, and you moved me to do this,” as golden confetti falls.