Inspirational Performance Of ‘You Raise Me Up’ By Josh Groban Touches Audience

Music has the power to influence many things in our lives, including our mood. Sometimes, just hearing an inspirational song can change your entire outlook. Sometimes we may enjoy a song, because of the lyrics or because the beat, or melody, speaks to us. Other times, it the sound of the singer that might be what we enjoy the most. On special occasions, when all the elements come together, it is pure fulfillment.

If you asked around, you might find that there are plenty of songs that people find inspiring. However, one that is almost always on the list is “You Raise Me Up.” This song is powerful and makes you feel better if you are struggling. It can bring you to tears or make you smile.

There are many versions of this song out in the world, but when Josh Groban sings it, magic happens. His fans adore him, but it is more than that. His voice is smooth and powerful at the same time. You listen and feel like you are undergoing a spiritual transformation.

This video shows the crowd waving little lights, like a sea of twinkling stars. Groban’s incredible voice fills the air, and the crowd even joins in singing the song. He has a voice that many consider to be one of the most marvelous voices of our day. It is hard to disagree with that as he effortlessly belts out these poignant lyrics.

Inspirational Performance Of \'You Raise Me Up\' By Josh Groban Touches Audience