Precious 5-Year-Old Girl Sings Classic Worship Song “Open the Eyes of My Heart”

Whenever little kids perform a talent that they’ve been working on, it can often plaster a smile across your face. You’ll have a hard time not grinning and singing along when a talented 5-year-old shows off her singing skills with the song “Open The Eyes Of My Heart.”

Lily Detty comes from a religious family that loves to use music as a method to bring praise to God. “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” is a song packed with powerful and emotional lyrics that sound even more intense when a child is singing them.

Lily is part of the singing ensemble called The Detty Sisters. These gifted ladies love to sing at home, at church but felt invited to bring their passion to higher places. They felt God tell them that performing at church and their home wasn’t enough, so they started making videos.

Thankfully they listened and now have several viral videos. We love listening to these girls sing, and Lily does an impressive job. Being that she’s so young, we can only imagine what her future holds. We look forward to whatever songs these talented ladies sing next.