12-Year-Old Blows Away Competition With Golden Buzzer CCR Cover

Twelve-year-old Faith from Swindon arrived clearly a little nervous, but eager to share that she was excited by the big moment. With the support of her mum and dad, Fayth Ifil was ready to blow away Britain’s Got Talent.

The twelve-year-old schoolgirl Fayth Ifil delivered the hit “Proud Mary” with a unique tone and beauty that exploded into an electrifying rendition that no one was expecting. Now that’s how you earn a Golden Buzzer.

As if her epic voice was not enough by itself, the superstar-in-the-making matched her vocal power with showmanship as the stage has seldom seen. “You talked about the support that you had from your mum and dad,” said Simon, continuing.

“, then you see the support you’ve had from three thousand people, and just to give you a little bit more support, I’m going to give you one of those,” continued Simon, striking his buzzer and showering the new-found star in gold.