Jonathan Antoine Will Send Chills Down Your Spine With ‘Summertime’

Opera sensation and gifted tenor Jonathan Antoine delivers yet another masterpiece from his brilliant album ‘Going the Distance.’ With etheric beauty in his voice and emotion that carries every bar to perfection, it’s a true treat for anyone who appreciates music.

With smoothness and warmth that only Jonathan Antoine can deliver, this rendition of ‘Summertime’ from the opening scene of 1939’s ‘Porgy and Bess’ is sure to impress. From the moment he starts singing, the tenor’s voice fills the room with power.

Jonathan’s interpretation is nothing short of otherworldly, with his rich tone both uplifting and filling listeners with awe thanks to his effortless, spine chilling vocal beauty & power.

There is something about this young tenor’s voice that soothes the soul while lifting with every word. His honest, down-to-earth character carries an essence of class into each performance, making songs like this pure pleasure for listeners.

Jonathan Antoine Will Send Chills Down Your Spine With \'Summertime\'