Spine-Chilling Rendition of “Amazing Grace” Sung By US Soldiers Will Make You Tear Up

Songs like “Amazing Grace” have a way of tugging at our heartstrings and making us feel hidden emotions. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing our troops sing us emotional songs like that classic tune.

Our soldiers protect us and our freedom by serving our country, but they also risk their lives and spend months on end away from their loved ones. It’s essential for them to build a bond with other soldiers while they’re on active duty.

The song “Amazing Grace” was first recorded in 1779, and the moving lyrics couldn’t be more fitting. When times are hard, and you can’t find the light, grace can get you through. One soldier wanted to show the world that anyone can make passed the darkest days.

When the cover first starts, you hear Brailey’s soulful voice as we slowly sink into the stunning rendition of the song. It’s not until other voices fill the room when we get goosebumps everywhere. It turns out Brailey isn’t singing alone, and that makes the performance ten times for chilling.