Crowd Erupts With Applause for 10-Year-Old Girl’s Britain’s Got Talent Audition

Britain’s Got Talent is the launching point for many people’s careers who want to pave a path into the spotlight. Whether you’re a skilled dancer, hilarious comedian, or stunning singer, there’s room for everyone on the popular show.

Souparnika Nair is shooting her shot by auditioning with an upbeat musical number. The young hopeful is stopped mid-performance by one of the judges, Simon Cowell. He asks her to sing her song of choice from the hit movie, “The Greatest Showman.”

Sometimes judges will do this to better hear the contestant’s vocals in a song that suits them. Souparnika doesn’t miss a beat and is ready to show off her unbelievable singing talent to whoever wants to listen.

The song starts slow but builds up to a grand climax. Nair’s voice is powerful, brave, and full of deep emotion. Before she can even finish singing, the entire theater is on their feet, applauding her astonishing performance.

Crowd Erupts With Applause for 10-Year-Old Girl\'s Britain\'s Got Talent Audition