Heidi Klum Presses Golden Buzzer After Moving Performance on America’s Got Talent

There’s no point making shows like America’s Got Talent if people like Cristina Rae don’t audition. Joined at the hip with her adorable son, the single mother wanted to try out in hopes of making it big to help provide for her child.

After sharing with the audience and judges that she was homeless when she was pregnant, they gave her the go-ahead to start singing. Her first song was Phil Collins’ hit song, “I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight.”

Judge Simon Cowell wanted to hear more from her, and so the gifted mother chose to cover The Rolling Stones’, “Gimme Shelter.” Cristina’s powerful voice practically blew the roof off of the theater. She didn’t hold back, and it showed.

After the crowd and judges rose to their feet in applause, Rae was brought to tears. It wasn’t until Heidi Klum pressed the coveted golden buzzer when Cristina fell to her knees in joy. Performances like this can bring anyone to tears, and we’re hopeful for Cristina and her son’s future.