Tear-Jerking Version of “Baby Mine” From Dumbo Brings Mothers Everywhere to Tears

The Disney corporation has cranked out one incredible animated movie after the next for several decades. Dumbo is the classic tale about a young elephant who’s bullied for his looks, which results in him being torn from his mother.

After appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, Jonathan Antoine knew he was destined for stardom. In early 2020, he held a concert for his fifth album, “Going the Distance.” The live audience got to enjoy Antoine singing several lovely original songs.

In addition to singing his own music, Jonathan performed a variety of his favorite cover songs. One of which was “Baby Mine” from Dumbo. The tune is a love song from Dumbo’s mother’s point of view to her sweet child.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Antoine belted the tear-jerking lyrics. His smooth and powerful vocals make you want to call up your children and tell her how much you love them. We’re so grateful for wholesome and gifted musicians like Jonathan. We’re sure his mother is proud of him.

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