Underrated Space-Rock From The Seventies That’s Oozing Energy

There are few South African rock groups that can compare to the underrated greatness of Radio Rats from Springs in Gauteng. Their most notable hit was, without a doubt, the 1978 favorite “ZX Dan.”

“ZX Dan” from Radio Rats is a rare South African rock classic released in 1978 that peaked on local charts during the seventies. From the moment that its new wave space-rock hit the airwaves, rock fans fell in love with the band’s raw energy.

Radio Rats combined the classic sound of melodic guitar rock with the hard drumming style that metal in the eighties was soon a staple for punk and hard rock everywhere. One can clearly pick up on the John Cale, David Bowie, Iggy Pop & Sex Pistols influence.

Despite establishing themselves as major rock stars of the late seventies, the band never managed to outreach the success that they landed with this unforgettable track. It was only toppled from number one by Michael Jackson.

Underrated Space-Rock From The Seventies That\'s Oozing Energy