John Lennon’s Seventies Hit Is Legendary Music That’ll Move You

“Imagine” is the best selling single of John Lennon’s entire solo career, performed here in the original music video in HD with The Plastic Ono Band and the Flux Fiddlers.

This powerful song of peace delivers a message that will never stop hitting home with its beautiful melody and oh-so-soothing approach. “Imagine” from John Lennon, and The Plastic Ono Band is a 1971 masterpiece inspired and crafted closely with his wife, Yoko Ono.

The simple arrangement and beautiful lyrics resulted in a song overflowing with emotion, and a deeply personal track that was destined to be loved forever from the moment it was created.

Lennon composed this hit in the summer of 1969 while staying at his Tittenhurst Park estate with Yoko Ono. The Beatles hadn’t officially broken up yet, but time would tell that they’d never record together again.

John Lennon\'s Seventies Hit Is Legendary Music That\'ll Move You