Let Ice Cube’s Hip Hop Get You Jumping With His Biggest 90s Hit

Ice Cube was one of the biggest names in the nineties hip hop, and the influencer dropped “It Was A Good Day” in 1992, and it’s been getting fans jumping ever since. The depiction of life in the hood of the best of days will be remembered forever.

Arriving as a contrast to all the works made by Ice Cube prior to its release, “It Was A Good Day” arrived in 1992 after the LA riots, pulling inspiration into a place of grooves that ended up becoming the rapper’s most popular song.

During the summer of 1992, Ice Cube was at the top of his rap game, and the frame of mind he found himself in resulted in this West Coast hip hop classic that’s almost impossible not to love.

The end of this musical extravaganza comes to a conclusion in a dramatic manner, setting the scene for his next video released entitled “Check Yo Self” in true Ice Cube fashion.