Large Calliope Makes Wonderful Music Using Vintage Truck and 42 Air Horns

Trucks have been used throughout the years for a variety of different purposes. Many of them were used during combat, while others used trucks at home to distribute lumber. Classic vehicles now are worth quite a bit of money.

There was an artist from the 70s who was known for creating abstract pieces that would make people think. Claude Reboul would often incorporate music into his artwork, and using a vintage truck wasn’t off-limits.

What is now known as the “Le Mecanophone.” is a majestic piece of art that will leave you speechless. It’s an old truck that has been painting, laid with refinished wood, and has 42 air horns all around the front of the vehicle.

It looks a lot like a giant calliope and can even play music. As it pushes out circus-like tunes, you can’t help but stare in wonderment. It’s impressive to see what people can dream up with they put their creative juices to the test.