Top 10 Shockingly Low-Toned Singers From The Voice

The Voice showcases hundreds of incredibly talented individuals every season. Some adorable kids sing songs beyond their years, not-so-musically-gifted people, any folks who can sing lower than Johnny Cash.

Just like it’s challenging to hit the high notes in a Mariah Carey song, singing low is no easy feat either. Thanks to a top ten compilation on Youtube, we’re able to take a trip down memory lane with some of the auditions who shook the windows with their voices.

Something great about this mashup is that it shows hopeful musicians from all around the world. It doesn’t take long for these judges to express their surprise when these singers hit some of the lowest notes they’ve ever heard.

Bass vocals have a unique way of striking a chord in our souls that wakes us up and lets us listen to what they say. Lower pitched vocals tend to be warm, inviting, and these talented folks have all of those amazing qualities, and more.